History of Chimney Cakes

Chimney Cake


Chimney cake (Kurtos Katacs) is a traditional sweet pastry originally baked over hot coals by Hungarians residing in Transylvania, Romania. This is the mythical home of Dracula!

Originally the pastry or cake was baked only on special occasions such as weddings or festivals in Hungary & Romania, but due to high demand and increased popularity, they are now available here in the U. S. throughout the year, made by AA-Concession Company, soon to be AR Chimney Cakes. 

The chimney cake is a yeast dough that has all natural products. After the dough is made we let it rest than we roll out the dough in about a 2 foot strip. It is wrapped around like a ribbon on a wooden spindle coated with sugar and placed in an oven for about 6 or 7 minutes until it golden brown and the sugar is caramelized. We coat the outside with cinnamon sugar. And it is ready to enjoy. 

At AR Chimney Cakes we give you the option of adding Bavarian,Chocolate, Banana creme and a fruit filling. There is an option for the sundae to be topped off with whipped cream,nuts or sprinkles and a Chocolate, caramel or strawberry drizzle. This tasty treat can also be savory with flavors such as bacon and cheese.